Oral Sex Advice On Giving Head

Oral Sex Advice #1: Have Good Safe Oral Sex

Now that the basics have been taken care of, let’s talk about some simple reminders. First of all, please remember that you can still transmit STD’s (including HIV and AIDS) through oral sex, so please use caution and be safe. For safer oral sex, use a condom. Even though condoms are commonly thought of as mood dampers, nothing can cloud a mood better than an impromptu STD.

Oral Sex Advice #2: Taste & Smell

Many people have concerns about oral sex, whether with a man or a woman, because of the taste and smell. If this is a concern for you, one way to help is to suggest a sexy shower or bath before the act. Not only will this help arouse you both, but it ensures that you start with a clean penis. Make sure that your man keeps his pubic region trimmed and neatly groomed and this will also help. It will make it more pleasant for you as the giver as you will not have to worry about swallowing mounds of hair. Even if your lover doesn’t have your best interests in mind – which he definitely should – feel free to remind him that a trimmed pubic area will benefit him by giving you more room to fully explore the area.

Oral Sex Advice #3: Making Noises

Don’t be afraid to make noises, either. Your mouth is naturally going to make them, particularly sucking noises. This is okay and natural. Being embarrassed about it will only lessen your own enjoyment of the process. Try to focus on him and how he is feeling. When a man is receiving fellatio, the last thing on his mind is that you are making weird noises with your mouth. He is going to be more focused on how good you’re making him feel. Aside from natural noises, your own grunts and groans will help let your partner know you are enjoying what you are doing. This, in turn, helps to arouse him even more.


Oral Sex Advice #4: Lubrication

Your saliva is a natural lubricant. If you go at it without any lubricants, do not swallow your saliva before attempting to go down on your man. It will make things more difficult for both of you. Let a little drizzle from the sides of your mouth as you move up and down, or be sure to start by licking the shaft and head for easy access. This will cut out any uncomfortable friction and make the experience much more enjoyable.


Oral Sex Advice #5: Don’t Use Any Teeth

Keep in mind that most men prefer not to have their penises bitten during oral sex. Talk about a mood killer! While some may prefer to have a very light graze along the shaft or a soft nibble on the head, overall, using your teeth during fellatio is generally not a good idea. It’s better to just use the other parts of your mouth like your lips and your tongue. This is particularly important for beginners. Before you begin any technique, pull your lips over your teeth. If you absolutely feel the need to use your teeth, for the love of fellatio, do NOT bite him directly. Be gentle and remember that when he returns the favor you do not want him biting you!   »

Oral Sex Idea (Fellatio)

At times natural lubrication is just not enough; why not try a flavored lube to add some spice when giving head.

Did you know?

It’s generally not a good idea to use your teeth when you are giving you partner a blow job.