Fun Oral Sex Positions

Fellatio positions that will rock HIS world

Oral Sex Positions #1: On Your Knees

The most traditional fellatio positions for giving oral sex is on your knees. Typically this is while he is standing, sitting, or lying down. This fellatio position does give you a little more control on how much to take in and when. Additionally, you set the tempo here and it does give you more flexibility in terms of your technique.

Oral Sex Positions #2: “69”

Another classic is the sixty-nine position. You probably already know this, but you can do sixty-nine in one of three ways; with him on top, you on top, or with you both on the side. Each has their own benefits and drawbacks. Find which one works for you both.

Different oral sex positions provide different pleasures, try different vibration for additional stimulation.

Did you know?

The term fellatio derives from the Latin word fellare which means to “suck”


Major issue with this fellatio position is that it is difficult for both partners to receive equal pleasure because it requires concentration to be able to excel at oral.


The best solution to this problem is to alternate as you please each other. While the man performs cunnilingus on the woman, she can maintain his penis in her mouth with light licks here and there, or even just hold it in her hands and lightly breathe on it. The warm breath will still cause pleasant sensations. And then the couple can switch. While the woman focuses more on the fellatio, the man can lightly stroke her clitoris.


Oral Sex Positions #3: Thrust Control


Another oral sex position to try is to lay on your back and your partner to take control of the thrusts into your mouth. This leaves the situation completely out of your control, but it does free up your hands for some other fun activities. Make sure your partner knows how far you want them to thrust in your mouth, or else you may get more then you are comfortable handling