Advanced Oral Sex Tips


Oral Sex Tips #1:How to Deep Throat Without Gagging

Now let’s talk about deep throating. This can really be considered a technique, but I’m putting it in this section to talk about some ways to help with this. Many people can do this without any problems at all, and that is fantastic. But, there is also a majority of people that have a gag reflex and deep throating a penis will trigger that. Besides, the appeal to this is more that a man enjoys his partner taking him fully into their mouth. He doesn’t physically need it in order to achieve his orgasm. So, for that reason I chose to include this oral sex tip into the discussion.


Many people who have tried to deep throat their man and have been unsuccessful just assume that they cannot do it. However, like anything else, it just takes practice. While you can’t make your gag reflex go away, you can make it relax long enough for you to accomplish your goals.


Fun Facts About Deep Throating

Why not try some flavored massage oil to stimulate his perineum orally and manually.

Did you know?

Learning how to deep throat without gagging can be difficult but you can’t necessarily get rid of your gag reflex but you can relax long enough to accomplish the goal.


Developing a deep throat technique

The first thing you need to do is relax and open your throat. Remember to breathe through your nose and do not tense up. Keeping yourself fully relaxed will help with this process. Once you are ready, take him into your mouth to the point where you deepthroat and gag. At this point, take a break. Breathe deeply, relax your throat, and try again. Practice makes perfect. Keep in mind that this may take a few sessions. You may even want to practice on a vegetable or on a dildo similar in size to your partner. (Warning: Be careful, choking hazard)

Another way to make this more achievable for you is to line your mouth and throat up with the curve of his penis. The best position for deep throating is with him standing and you lying on the bed with your head just slightly over the edge. This makes your throat open up and just one long passageway, so to speak.

Oral Sex Tips #2: Massaging the Perineum

Another oral sex tip that may help you is to massage the perineum – the area between the base of penis and the anus. Now, this will not help you achieve ejaculation if he is not very aroused, so it is better to combine this little tip with any of the above techniques. The key to this, though, is in the force of the pressure. You want to exert firm, but not overly harsh pressure as you massage and this will help get him really excited. If you are timid and do not exert enough pressure, he will be unsure as to what you are doing and it will not be helpful. However, do not be so forceful that you hurt him.

Oral Sex Tips #3: Giving Head & Precum

As you are working on your partner’s penis, be aware that there will most likely be a clear fluid that comes out of his urethral opening. This is called precumand it is perfectly natural. This is a fluid that helps prepare the urethral opening for the semen, but it is also a natural lubricant for the head. This does not always happen with everyone, and it varies as to when it will come out.

Oral Sex Tips #4: Swallowing Cum/Semen

Now that you have gotten some good oral sex tips on how to make him cum, what do you do with it once he does? Well, it is a debate that has been going on for centuries. The thing is, no one can tell you what is right or wrong here. Only you can decide what is best for you. Most men probably do not care one way or the other. If they were so concerned about what happened to their semen once it left their bodies, they would keep it in jars on the mantle after masturbation and sex. They may find it a turn on to see their partners swallow cum, but if it is not for you then just let them know. They should understand.


If you do not want to swallow cum, make sure you warn your partner so that they do not think it is personal. When the time comes, politely spit it into a cup or a towel. It is not a good idea to make faces and disgusted noises as you spit it out, as that is guaranteed to ruin the experience. When handled tactfully, you should be fine. Now if you like to swallow cum, but object to the taste, then suggest your partner eat some kiwi or pineapple and a little less red meat. This will help make the ejaculate less salty and hopefully, more bearable for you.

Oral Sex Tips #5: Confidence is Sexy

Another technique for giving head is to keep in mind that you want to be confident when you give your man a blowjob. Confidence is sexy, period! Maintain eye contact with him. Even if you’re uncomfortable on the inside, do not let him see it. Keep your eyes on him, when at all possible. This serves two functions for you. Number one, you look confident and that is going to drive him wild. Number two, you can pay attention to what he likes. If he reacts to something that you are doing, you can remember to do it again. If something you are trying does not seem to work, then you know not to bother with it next time around. You have to understand that not everyone is going to enjoy the same things. There is not a scientific formula that men agree on to make a perfect blowjob because everyone enjoys things a little differently. Just as each person feels differently about the same piece of art, you have to observe your lover to know what he does and does not enjoy. Eye contact is the key.

Oral Sex Tips #6: Talk About His Blow Job Oral

I know that I have said communication is a really important factor in fellatio, and I stand by that statement. However, when performing fellatio, it is not a good idea to suddenly stop what you are doing and ask him if he is enjoying himself. If you are keeping eye contact then that should be pretty clear. There are also other physical factors to pay attention to, as well. If he is moaning and petting your hair, he is probably enjoying himself. If you suddenly stop to ask whether or not he likes it, you take him out of the mood and ruin the work you have done. His penis is not a microphone, so do not speak into it. Just pay attention and save the conversation for after the main event.