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Mutual Masturbation is a way to masturbate, with two or more people who stimulate each other using their hands. It can be performed in situations when individuals aren’t interested in sex, to explore sexuality, or it can be used as foreplay. Mutual masturbation can be an intimate sexual activity for all sexual orientations, but has been preferred by males, and couples. However, female mutual masturbation is becoming as popular and accepted.

Techniques of mutual masturbation are similar to regular masturbation just with an additional person, a male or a female. The interaction for mutual masturbation can be two people masturbating in each others presence without touching or two or more people stimulating each other. An individual can stimulate their partner or partners can stimulate each other or an individual can stimulate themselves and their partner. Male on male, male on female, and female on female mutual masturbation can often be an exciting learning experience about each other.

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