Erection Problem: Get Back Your Self Esteem And Your Love Life

Erectile Dysfunction: The ‘Ins and Outs’ of Erectile Dysfunction


Male impotence or Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a sexual disorder that is characterized by the inability to maintain or even develop an erect penis. There are many different causes for erectile dysfunction, like diabetes and cardiovascular leakage to name a few, and many of these causes can be treated medically. The causes of ED may also be psychological or physiological. Many research studies have shown that there are many underlying factors that can cause an erection problem, like physical activities, smoking, alcohol consumption, and more commonly age. Erectile dysfunction can be absolutely devastating to the male ego and self-esteem and can have disastrous effects on relationships.


How Age Affects Erections

Erectile dysfunction or ED has affected over 20 million American men. Studies have shown that as men age, many of them will experience erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is supposed to be more common amongst older men as sexual activities decrease considerably once they cross 50. Yes, age has played a major role in men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The older the men are, the higher are their chances of developing an erection problem. Approximately 74% of the younger men were rated as having very good or good sexual functions and only about 10% of the older men aged over 50 were rated as having good sexual functions. Studies have shown that only 2% men experience erectile dysfunction before the age of 40, 4% experience Ed between the ages of 40 and 49, 26% between the ages of 50 and 59 and 40% between the ages of 60 and 69. However, men with healthy lifestyles have the lowest risks for developing an erection problem.


Stop the Suffering, Cure Impotence With Erection Enhancers


When suffering from erectile dysfunction, and yes ‘suffering’ is an apt word to use, the first course of action that most men find suitable is the erection enhancer Viagra (sildenafil). However, there have been many cases where patients have not responded to Viagra. The drugs that are used for ED can be injected into the penis, taken orally or even inserted into the urethra. Other drugs or enzyme inhibitors, as they are called because they enhance erections are Levitra (verdenafil), Cialis (tadalafil), and Yohimbine are quite popular.


For those who do not respond well to conventional drugs because of pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes, hyperthyroidism and hypertension, there are many penile devices and herbal remedies to help overcome erectile dysfunction. As the world is developing in many ways, people are steadily turning towards traditional medicine for healthcare and they have now come to realize that herbal medicine is anything but a ‘quack’ science. An herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction like Gingko biloba have shown great potential in treating ED since it increases blood flow to the penis. Aswagandha or the Indian ginseng is another herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction that has been taken as a tonic for relieving stress for centuries and centuries. It helps by minimizing performance anxiety and aids blood circulation. The Mexican plant damania is a well-known male aphrodisiac. Saw palmetto is another herbal remedy that helps retain the levels of testosterone in the body. However, ginseng is one of the most popular and effective herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction to emerge. From the Chinese ginseng to the Siberian ginseng to even the female ginseng, all the varieties of ginseng are used as treatments for ED.


Erectile Dysfunction Doesn’t Stop Intimacy


Yes, Erectile dysfunction can have disastrous effects on relationships, as sex is a very important part in any relationship. If you’re suffering from ED, there is really no need to leave your partner hanging there – high and dry. There are many ways to stimulate and arouse your partner without having to penetrate. With so many methods of stimulation ranging from masturbation and manual stimulation to oral stimulation and even using sex toys and vibrators, your sex life does not really have to take a big beating. The G-spot is one of the most sensitive areas and is situated within the vagina between the cervix and pelvic bone. The best way to locate the G-spot is by manual penetration or inserting the finger. If this spot is stimulated during intercourse, the woman can experience an intense orgasm.

With so many ways to satisfy your partner even if you are suffering from ED, you can make your relationship work. Knowing that you have erectile dysfunction does not mean it is the end of the world. As the great psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud, once said that ‘sex is all in the head’, millions of men and medical practitioners from all over the world will tell you this is true. For a man, his penis is not just another body part. Sometimes, it seems to have a mind of its own and is the symbol of manhood. So, fear not! Erectile dysfunction can be treated.    »

Fun Facts

A study has found that 50% of women who have a partner that has an erection problem would prefer other sexual activities outside of intercourse.

Did you know?

52% of the males ages 40 through 70 reported difficulties with erections.