Erection Control – How to Make Love All Night Long

For every man who has ever pleased a woman all night long, there are probably twenty other men who wish they could do the same. People tend to think that once a man has an orgasm, the sex must naturally end. However, that does not have to be the case at all. If a man can learn to master his penis as skillfully as he attempts to learn his lover’s body, he will be able to sustain an erection all night long. The best part is that he will not have to deprive himself of pleasure to do so. He can have as many orgasms as he wants without getting tired or spent – and any man can do this so long as he follows this advice.


The first step in achieving multiple male orgasms so that sex can last all night is for a man to let his penis know who is boss. Contrary to popular belief, penises do not control men – or at least they shouldn’t. A man is responsible for his penis and he just needs to learn how to master it. You may think that it is difficult if not impossible for a man to control his penis, but that could not be further from the truth. All that a man needs to do to build up his control is to exercise. That does not mean that he has to spend extra time at the gym. It means that he has to spend some time working out his pubococcygeus muscle – which will be referred to as the PC muscle from this point forward for obvious reasons.


PC Muscle

The PC muscle is the muscle that a man squeezes when he has to hold in his urine. This is also the muscle that unconsciously contracts when a man ejaculates. The easiest way for a man to find and isolate his PC muscle is to pretend that he is urinating and to try to stop the flow. Once a man learns where his PC muscle is and how he can control it, he will be one step closer to achieving all night sex.


PC Muscle Exercises

For three weeks, the man should flex his PC muscle for 20 reps. He should do this three times a day on three days every week. It is important for him to make sure that he isolates his PC muscles from the thigh and buttocks muscles while he does this exercise. If he tightens all of the muscles in that general area, the PC muscle will not receive the workout it needs to strengthen itself.

By repeating this exercise and eventually tightening the PC muscle for longer periods of time, a man will be able to control his penis. His control over his penis will also make it easy for him to control his erections. This technique does not take much time to master and it will yield amazing results once a man is in tune with his PC muscle. Before long, he will be able to have sex all night and only stop when he and his partner are ready to call it quits.    »