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Let’s explore sexuality with our comprehensive male sexuality articles. Male sexuality consist of our behaviors, thoughts, needs, wants, and control, which may often be guided with information on specific topics that relate to issues that men face.

Click on “Read More” under each male category to further explore, improve, and maximize your sexuality.

[themify_box color=”blue”]Male Masturbation[/themify_box]

When it comes to men and sexuality, men normally aren’t shy or discreet when it comes to their sexuality. One great way to further explore the male sexuality is through male masturbation.

Many men masturbate as a normal and healthy alternative to sex and a way to explore their sexuality. Often when partners also wish to satisfy and learn more about the male sexuality, utilizing certain masturbation techniques, provided in our sexuality guides will help to maximize pleasure.


[themify_box color=”blue”]Male Orgasm[/themify_box]

We all want it; we all love it, so how can we make it better? When it comes to orgasm and sexuality, men often want the same thing; longer, more, different, the best types of orgasm. One of the best way to reach multiple and longer orgasms, is by reading about techniques, exploring the male sexuality, and trying them out. Our sexuality guides provide all the sexuality answers for men.


[themify_box color=”blue”]Men’s Sexual Health[/themify_box]

Understanding male sexual health is very important! Sexuality is nil without great health. Men are often confused, frustrated, and misinformed when it comes to health and sexuality. Many men are also concerned about problems with performance, and often are unable to find information about sexuality, performance, and control all in one place. Our male health guide addresses all these issues organized in one spot!


[themify_box color=”blue”]Male Sexual Anatomy/Penis Size[/themify_box]

Does penis size matter? Do you know that most men are misinformed on sexuality, anatomy, and penis size? All men are curious about their anatomy, and of course this is an important aspect of male sexuality, but most men don’t really know much about it? Dissect the myths, explore your partner’s feelings, and learn more about your sexuality, to answer these questions once and for all, and continue to explore male sexuality further.