How to Prostate Massage for the Best Male Orgasm

Performing a prostate massage for sexual satisfaction


Many consider trying anal play such as a prostate massage to be kinky or even taboo; but it is a sexual practice that many men and women enjoy regardless of sexual orientation. The prostate is part of a man’s sexual response and its a potential pleasure point that can lead to a prostate orgasm causing sexual satisfaction.


A prostate massage or prostate milking can be described as the massage or stimulation of the male prostate gland. During sexual stimulation, sperm and ejaculatory fluid collect behind the valves in the ejaculatory ducts. When pressure from the fluid builds up, the valves open up and fill the urethral bulb, triggering the ejaculatory reflex and orgasmic contractions which then empty the glands. The prostate massage will force the semen and the sperm past the valves into the ejaculatory ducts thus emptying the prostate.


Preparation for a Prostate Massage

With every intimate encounter there are certain rules that apply for safety. First, plenty of lubrication is necessary because a lubricated surface will glide easier than skin on skin. It’s best to use water based lubrication such as K-Y jelly. Secondly, the giver should have surgical latex gloves available; if the giver prefers not to use surgical gloves then their fingernails should be cut and filed, so that the edges don’t do any harm to the nerve endings in the rectum.


Before any anal play it would be helpful for the receiver to urinate and/or move their bowels. Then the receiver should thoroughly clean themselves. Taking a hot bath would both cleanse and relax the receiver before the massage. Relaxation is very important, preventing the chance of tearing the lining of the rectum. Relaxing will allow the receiver to accept pleasure without difficulty. Many people use sexual stimulation as a relaxation method, such as massaging their partner’s body.


Prostate massage techniques

When you have made the necessary preparations and you are both ready, the giver can begin massaging the receiver’s prostate externally. By using your index and middle fingertip, the giver can rub, touch, stroke, or press on the receiver’s perineum (the area of skin between his anus and testicles): this allows a variety of pressures and sensations.


As the receiver begins to be aroused and relaxed, using lubrication, slowly insert your finger (s) into the anus. All that is needed is time and patience to allow the anus to relax. Once the finger has been entered it’s a good idea to be still, allowing the anal walls to become accustomed to the fingers entering. It would not be a good idea to start moving the finger in and out of the anus. The only reason the finger should be leaving the anus is for additional lubrication.


Positions for a prostate massage

There are various positions you can experiment with that will allow easy access for prostate stimulation.


Prostate stimulation: Face to face (for more intimacy)

When completely naked, you can begin by allowing the receiver to assume a seated position with his back reclined and supported by firm pillows. His knees can be pulled into or closer to his chest for easier prostate stimulation. This position will allow the giver complete access to the anus and the genitals.


Prostate stimulation: Facing Away (an easy view for the giver)

In this position the receiver can either be hunched over a table top or can be kneeling with knees apart, buttocks elevated, with elbows resting on a surface such as a pillow or a cushioned mat. This should be a stable and comfortable position for the receiver.


Finding the prostate gland for prostate milking

To locate the prostate, insert the fingers about an inch or two into the anus: once your partner is comfortable, gradually move your fingers in an upward motion against the wall of the rectal lining while feeling for a round bulb like protrusion, which is the prostate. Then apply pressure to the prostate which will create a variety of sensations, such as feeling of impending ejaculation. By varying the amount of pressure applied to the gland, you will be able to control the sensations.


The Intimacy of a Prostate Massage

A prostate massage is a very intimate sexual practice that brings partners closer sexually. Making eye contact can make the experience very pleasant.


The giver can masturbate the receiver’s penis with one hand, while massaging the prostate with the other. The giver and the receiver should be very open and honest with each other during this sexual experience. Communication is very important, which will allow pleasurable prostate stimulation for your partner.


The giver should ask how the receiver feels and how he wants to be touched. While touching your partner, you can ask whether he wants faster or slower movements, or more or less pressure. You can also ask him if he wants his penis, testicles, or perineum touched simultaneously. Some men actually like oral sex during their prostate stimulation.


If your partner finds this sexual experience to be very enjoyable, it might bring him over the edge with your rhythmic pressing on his prostate gland before ejaculation. A prostate orgasm is even possible through prostate stimulation alone.


Hopefully this sexual experience will be an enjoyable and intimate one. If anything, you will be learning, putting trust in each other while sharing this new experience.    »


Fun Facts

If you don’t want to use your fingers try a toy to provide that prostate stimulation for a prostate orgasm

Did you know?

 A prostate massage can provide a prostate orgasm without genital stimulation