Male Masturbation Tips With Lubrication

Male Masturbation Tips: Lubrication for a change of Sensation

The various techniques of male masturbation differ, and are widely influenced by a range of factors
including personal preference, and whether the person is circumcised or uncircumcised. Some
masturbation tips are pleasurable for uncircumcised men but can cause quite a bit of pain for the
circumcised, for example.

Masturbation Tips: The Most Common Male Masturbation Technique

The most common masturbation technique probably employed by the largest number of men, is simply
holding the penis in a loose fist, moving the fist up and down, until the friction leads to orgasm. For the
uncircumcised, the stimulation is caused mainly by the sliding of the foreskin over the shaft, while for
the circumcised the stimulation comes from the direct rubbing action of the hand. Variations of this technique include placing just the index finger and thumb around the penis, and moving the skin back
and forth, or placing all the fingers as well as the thumb on the penis, and continuing the action as
above. Some men may also directly stimulate the prostrate gland, by inserting a well-lubricated finger or
dildo via the anus, into their rectum. Others may include other body parts such as the perineum, the
scrotum, their nipples, etc.

Masturbation Tips: Variations in Sensation

Variations in strokes or techniques can vary the sensation. This may include the stimulation of the head
of the penis, the corona, or the shaft by changing the placing of the fingers or varying the actions over a
range of rubbing, stroking, pinching, or squeezing actions. Some may also choose to roll the penis
between the palms, or rub it against the stomach, or objects like pillows, washcloths, etc. change of
sensation may also be achieved by flipping the penis up and down or side to side, alternating between

Masturbation Tips: Personal Lubricants

This type of massage of the penis can be made much more pleasurable, by the use of personal lubricants
to reduce the direct friction. The fluid that is produced by the Cowper's glands, much before the actual orgasm, known as precome, can be used for this purpose, as well as a range of lotions, various types of oils, different kinds of jellies, soap, or ointments. One possibility, for example, is to place some
lubrication on the palm of the hand, and slowly rubbing the tip of the penis back and forth on the
lubricated palm, varying the speed according to preference. This usually produces unique orgasms.
Lubrication can also be particularly useful in a belly rub, and increases the sensations. However, when
using a pillow sandwich action, lubrication can actually be quite messy.

Masturbation Tips: Changing Grip & Sexual Aids

Variation in sensation may also be achieved by a change of grip, with the person going from a light to a
strong grip, or vice versa. In addition, a number of different aids may be used during masturbation.
These can be either objects in everyday use, like the cardboard from a roll of tissue, cored apples, milk
bottles, etc, to insert the penis, or specially manufactured sex toys. A range of such toys are available
including artificial vaginas and inflatable dolls, with both receptacle anuses and mouths, in addition to
vaginas, and many more.   »

Fun Facts
34% of Americans use vibrators and more than half (54%) use lubricants as part of their sex

Did you know?
88% of Americans have masturbated at some time in their life.