Male Masturbation Techniques

The Secret for a Great Sex Life is Through Masturbation

Masturbation is a healthy part of a normal sex life. Even those in committed relationships, or those at least having sex regularly, can still benefit from masturbation. One of the best reasons to masturbate is that you learn what pleases you and what areas are the most sensitive for your anatomy. Sharing this knowledge on to your partner will increase your sexual pleasure with that person.

So, without further ado, let’s talk techniques!


I’ll begin by discussing some fairly basic masturbation techniques. Some of these you may know, some of these may provide new twists. Then I’ll move on to a discussion of intermediate to advanced techniques. These may require practice to get down, but rest assured that when you do get them down, you’ll enjoy your alone time even more

Masturbation Techniques for Men

Basic Male Masturbation Techniques

1) The Full Fist Grip Method

This is a very basic technique. You can use lubrication if you like, but it isn’t necessary. Wrap all of your fingers and your thumb around your penis and hold firmly; not too firm, just enough to give it a pleasant pressure. Use an up and down motion with your hand and vary your speed. This constant motion will cause you to ejaculate without any other techniques required. Some men will be easily aroused with this method and it may not take a long time at all, while others might have to really work at it. For a variation of this technique, hold the skin taut at the base of your shaft with one hand, while the other is moving up and down the penis.


2) The Thumb and Forefinger Method

This technique is similar to the above, except that instead of using your whole fist, you will simply use your thumb and forefinger. You can still use the variation of holding the skin taut at the base of the shaft with one hand to increase pressure.


Those are two of the basic techniques that you can use to get yourself off. I don’t spend a lot of time on the basics because a lot of guys already know those pretty well and I suspect that you are reading this in order to find a little variety. That being the case, let’s move into intermediate techniques.

Intermediate Male Masturbation Techniques


1) Mushroom Masturbation


Lubrication is recommended for this technique. Here you want to hold your penis firmly in one hand; again, not too firmly, but whatever feels comfortable for you. With the other hand, rest the open palm over the head of the penis and turn in a circular motion. If this is at all uncomfortable, then do not proceed. However, once you have the circular motion down, you can try adding further stimulation to the staff by moving your hand holding it in an up and down motion. Here’s the tricky part that may take practice. You actually have to concentrate on moving one hand up and down and the other in a circular motion. I realize this isn’t exactly what you want to do when you’re trying to pleasure yourself, but sometimes the best things in life have to be worked for!


2) Play-doh Method


Ever play with play-doh as a kid? Remember rolling it in your hands? Well, that’s what this technique is all about. Lubrication is definitely recommended because this can cause some friction. For best results, you want to begin this technique before you become fully erect. Place your penis between your outstretched hands. Roll your penis between your hands, i.e. one hand moves forward, while the other moves backwards. Vary speed and pressure to get the best feeling.


3) Backhand Masturbation


This one feels a little uncomfortable at first, but only because of the position of the hand. It is a lot like the full fist method except that you grab your penis backwards. If you are able to point your index finger down, then you are in the right position. In fact, for best results with this position, point your index finger down and keep in firm against your shaft. Now, move your hand up and down. This will cause separate sensations between your hand moving up and down and your finger applying pressure to sensitive areas. Until you get the hang of this technique, you may want to use lubrication.


4) Interlocking Grip Method


I would recommend using lubrication with this method; it can cause friction. Begin by interlocking your fingers around the base of your shaft. Then move your hands up and down your penis at various pressure and speed. For different sensations, try moving the base of each palm in alternate up and down directions while moving your interlocked hands up and down. Just be careful that you don’t apply too much pressure!


5) Upward/Downward Squeeze


In this method, hold the base of the penis with one hand, pulling the skin taut. Use the other hand to squeeze the penis while moving it up the shaft and over the head. Then reverse direction and squeeze downward. The trick to this is applying the right pressure to make one fluid motion as you move up or down.


6) Butt Over Heels Method


Sound weird? I know, but it’s a good one! Find a soft, comfortable surface like a bed or a sofa and sit on your heels – make sure that one heel is on one cheek and the other heel is on the other cheek. Next, turn your heels outward so that the position spreads your butt checks. Use any other method you’d like to get to the point of ejaculation. During ejaculation, spread your cheeks as far apart as possible for a more intense experience.

And now for two of the more advanced techniques! There are others, but these two seem to be the most widely favored.


Advanced Male Masturbation Techniques

1) Pelvis Momentum Technique


Find a soft surface, the sofa or your bed, and sit on your knees. Begin by rubbing your penis. Use any technique that you like – full fist, play-doh, whatever; but add pelvic thrusts to your technique. This creates the sensation of intercourse, and you can vary the aggressiveness of your thrusts to increase or decrease pressure and speed.


2) Intercourse Style Imitation


You will need plenty of lube. Lay face down on a flat surface – it’s probably more comfortable on a soft surface, though if you prefer the floor, have at it. Prop yourself up on one arm, while you grab your penis with a backhand technique with the other. This is a good method to point that index finger down with. Use your pelvis to thrust in and out of the hand.


Now for the finale. This technique is important, but it doesn’t really fit into any specific category. So we’ll just list this in a category of its own. The technique itself isn’t very difficult, but it does require some set up.


Intercourse Style Masturbation

You will want plenty of lubrication and some plastic. You can use a plastic bag or even a sturdy condom if you like. I do recommend something bigger than a condom, though. Now, you can use the crevice between the cushions on your sofa, or you can use the space between your mattress and your box springs, depending on the amount of pressure you want. You’ll want to place the plastic in the open space – either the crevice or between the mattress and box spring. Put plenty of lubricant inside the plastic, but be careful not to get it on your stuff. Then, insert your penis and have at it. The sofa cushions provide less pressure, but may be a better starting point while you get the hang of the technique. The mattresses make for a tighter fit, so it’s more like a vagina.


And that’s it. Mix and match these techniques to find what works best for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new, just make sure you take any necessary precautions!    »