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Lubrication & Stimulating Gels

95% of all adult women suffer from occasional vaginal dryness.
34% of Americans use vibrators and more than half (54%) use lubricants in their sex lives to avoid painful dry sex.

75 percent of Adults believe lubricants are used for vaginal dryness

54 percent of Women Expressed to improve sexual intimacy and performance in their relationships.


[themify_box color=”light-blue”]Painful Sex-How To Overcome Vaginal Dryness[/themify_box]

At some point in women’s lives they are faced with dealing with vaginal dryness. Often this is due to age, because the woman no longer produces the amount of estrogen she once produced before she became peri or post-menopausal, and her natural secretions become less frequent, making sex after menopause very difficult. Experiencing dryness can often lead to irritation, painful sex and serious discomfort during intercourse and this is absolutely no fun for a woman and I’m sure not too thrilling for you either. But there are several other reasons why a woman can sometimes become have a “dry” vagina.


[themify_box color=”light-blue”]Vaginal Dryness and its Effect on Relationships[/themify_box]

Vaginal Dryness is a common problem many women are faced with. This problem can have a negative effect on current relationships and future relationships. Communication is the key to overcoming an issue such as vaginal dryness.

Proper Lubrication is a great way to keep Sexual Intercourse Pain Free and Exciting…


[themify_box color=”light-blue”] Vaginal lubrication [/themify_box]

Vaginal lubrication are fluids that get secreted during a female’s excitement stage during sexual arousal. Sometimes even though a woman is sexually aroused her body neglects to lubricate the vagina. When vaginal fluids aren’t secreted it can leave the vagina dry, itchy and irritated. The symptoms of vaginal dryness can vary from (aside from dryness) itching, burning, pressure, painful intercourse (light bleeding), and urinary frequency. Sex can then become undesirable when dry skin is rubbing on dry skin; some moisture is needed to eliminate any sexual friction.



[themify_box color=”light-blue”]Types of Lubrication [/themify_box] 

Oil based lubrication has been recorded as the first form of lubrication. For centuries people have search for a solution to vaginal dryness. Without any other options available, many looked for slippery solutions such as olive oil.



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Silicone – Is semi-inorganic polymers but unlike many polymers they tend to have a backbone that contains no carbon. This man-made substance is characterized by a wide-range high lubricity, water repellent, thermal stability, and physiological dullness.