P-Spot Guide: Prostate Stimulation

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The Prostate when Stimulated and Massaged produces an intense orgasm. Often described by men as a Whole Body Orgasm.

Prostate Massage Guide:

The Prostate also known as the P-Spot or the male g-spot is normally between the rectum and the bladder on the front wall of the anal canal. The prostate creates the fluid which helps sperm travel through the urethra when ejaculation occurs. When fully aroused the prostate fills with fluid, which can make it easier to find. The prostate is described as a small almond shaped gland, when stimulated or massaged it produce an intense orgasm most men describes as a whole body orgasm.

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Tip#1: Finding the prostate

To find the prostate insert one or more fingers 1 to 3 inches into the anus, in a “come here” action using your fingers, repeat this motion back and forth to explore the area to locate the male g-spot.

Tip#2: Prostate Stimulation

Each person is different and variations in ways to stimulate the prostate may work better for others, for instance tapping, thumping, pounding, stroking, massaging and vibrations can all feel different but good

Tip#3: Using LUBRICATION & Getting Relaxed

Getting relaxed and using lubrication is very important since anal tissue is very delicate. Ensure that the anus is lubricated adequately at all times. When inserting either fingers or toys, breathe lightly and deeply till you are relaxed and are ready for insertion. Try these anal play products, 100ml Eros/Pjur Aqua Gel and Desensitizing Spray Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray

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Tip#4: Getting Aroused

Being aroused is important, do whatever really turns you on. Playing with the perineum (soft sensitive tissue between the testicles and the anus) is a suggestion, stimulating the perineum can access the prostate. Doing so will send blood and messages to the entire genital area, warming it up.

Tip#5: Prostate Stimulation

There are toys specifically designed to stimulate the male g-spot, these P-spot toys are curved toys which are a great shape for DIRECT Prostate Stimulation. Check out our toys like the Aneros, Vibratex Pandora P Spot Passion, Inter-Actives Anal T and Bullet Combo, which are all great for prostate massage.

Tip#6: Practice, Practice, Practice

Try different ways to stimulate the prostate, each method is diverse and some may work better than others. Everyone’s experience is different but the pleasure and the sensations are normally very similar. Enjoy every new sensation, its just takes practice, don’t forget that any man will enjoy this.



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