Vaginal Dryness and its Effect on Relationships

couple_sad (2)Vaginal dryness is relatively a common problem most women go through. Vaginal dryness is just inadequate lubrication of the vagina. This problem can have an effect on a couple’s relationship from the male perspective and the female perspective. In situations like this, couples tend to blame each other or even themselves. It’s better if couples didn’t play the blame game; it just worsens the problem other than resolving it. But most couples fail to realize that communication is the key to several of their sexual problems. Non-verbal cues don’t always work; so you have to fully communicate what the problem is and work together on a solution.


If desire and arousal (foreplay) isn’t the cause for the vaginal dryness then other factors should be closely looked at to solve the problem. Sexual problems such as vaginal dryness occur often and are caused by several factors outside of the relationship such as hormonal imbalances, psychological problems, drug abuse, side effects of certain medications and environmental issues (illnesses) [ Other causes of vaginal dryness ].


Women tend to become increasingly frustrated with themselves because they feel that they aren’t aroused enough to have sex comfortably without additional help from a lubricant of some sort. Sometimes she may feel that something is wrong with her. But it’s really quite the opposite, vaginal dryness is common and it varies from woman to woman. In many cases women have no control over how lubricated they will be regardless of stimulation or arousal.

Men tend to also get frustrated because they feel that they are the culprit when it comes to their partner’s vaginal dryness. The assumption is that there isn’t enough foreplay or he doesn’t know how to turn her on. But in most conditions it has nothing to do with not being able to turn her on. Most women have strong sexual responses to stimulation but their body just doesn’t lubricate the vagina enough causing vaginal dryness. Most men need to take these factors into account instead of placing so much blame on themselves and in many instances their partners.


In most cases, communicating to your partner is the best form of treatment for vaginal dryness. Most of the time this issue goes un-discussed do to insecurities and different feelings towards why vaginal dryness occurs. Talking lets both partners express their fears, desires, and anxieties; and can offer reassurance and understanding. Couples need to learn to be non-judgmental and listen to each others wants and needs. Ask a lot of questions so you can discuss the issue even further so you can get closer to a solution.

Once you know what issues there are, try talking about your options. Discuss and then compromise about what will work best for your relationship. Vaginal dryness does not have to have a negative effect on your present or future relationships.

here are natural solutions to vaginal dryness such vaginal lubricants (K-Y Jelly) or vaginal moisturizers (Replens) to aid you with sexual penetration. This solution can be very beneficial to couples that need that extra lubrication to make sex enjoyable again. There is nothing wrong with using lube, its just added lubrication that eliminates sexual friction.

If communicating doesn’t seem to resolve the issue then medical attention may be the best alternative solution. If you continue to feel distressed by this problem or you are fearful that it may threaten your relationship, don’t be afraid or embarrassed to search for help. There are therapists and physicians that will guide you to solution for a happier and healthier relationship.