Finding The G-Spot

How To Find And Stimulate The G Spot

Ah, the infamous G-spot. Many people believe that the G-spot is responsible for the most intense, earth-shattering orgasms ever – you know, the kind you read about in those romance novels and wonder how the hell you get one! Others believe that not all women have them. Another group of people believe that it doesn’t exist at all. Which is true? Well, I like to think that all women have one and it’s just a matter of time and patience to find it.


This article is about the G-spot, what it is, where it is, and how to find and stimulate it. It’s good knowledge for both men and women. Ladies, if you know how to find it yourselves, you are able to please yourself with intense orgasms and you are able to guide your partner to it. Men, if you can find the G-spot on your own, well let’s just say you’ll have one happy woman on your hands; that’s not a bad place to be either!


Where is my G-spot?

So what is the G-spot? Well, it’s unlikely that you don’t already know, but just in case, it’s a bean sized area in women that is an erogenous zone. When stimulated, it will lead to high levels of sexual arousal and powerful orgasms. The size and location will vary, but it can usually be found about 1.5 to 3 inches inside the vagina. It is surrounded by tissue and deep in the vaginal wall, so it will take some time to find it. In addition, it responds to pressure not touch, so when you find it, you’ll have to do more then just gently stroke it.


Finding G-Spot Video

G spot & Feeling the Need to Pee

You’ll know when you reach the spot – there are certain telltale signs. First of all, it has a different texture then the rest of the vagina. The vaginal walls are soft and smooth, but the G-spot is rigid and when aroused has a spongy feel to it. Secondly, when the spot is hit, the initial feeling may be the need to urinate. This feeling usually only lasts for a few to 30 seconds, and only because it is so close to the bladder. However, rest assured that once you get past this initial discomfort, it changes to a feeling of heightened sexual arousal and will result in an orgasm that is much deeper in the body then the clitoral orgasm. The G-spot orgasm has the potential to send your entire body in spasms.


Now, the G-spot is not easily located and essentially comes down to trial and error. But, between you and your partner, you can find it. However, it is much easier to find when a woman is aroused because it swells in size. So, don’t skimp on the foreplay! To start you off in the right direction, here is the most common way to find the G-spot. First, let me give you a visual. Imagine a clock where the 12 points towards the woman’s navel. Now, the G-spot for most women is somewhere between 11 and 1. Keep that visual in your head and you may be able to find the spot pretty easily


The G-spot Map

Begin by laying on the bed with your knees pressed into your chest. This is going to shorten your vaginal depth, thus making it easier to find the spot. Insert your finger into your vagina towards your navel. Firmly press your fingers against the front wall of the vagina and work your way up slowly. Remember, the G-spot responds to pressure, so be sure to be firm with your fingers. A partner can use the same technique; simply bend your knees with your feet flat on the bed. Prop a pillow under your butt for comfort and easy access for your partner. It may help if your partner massages the outside of your vagina on the pubic bone where the finger(s) on the inside are touching. This may help intensify the effect.


G-spot Vibrators for Extra Stimulation

There are also any number of sex toys that can help with locating and stimulating the G-spot. They even have specific toys for exactly that purpose. They are hard and curved, so you should be able to find the spot in short order with one of those. It is important that your partner doesn’t neglect your clitoris for too long. Primarily because this helps to keep the vaginal walls moist, but again, it is easier to find the G-spot when you are aroused. So, when using the sex toy to find the G-spot, make sure he is using his hands and tongue on your clitoris.


G-spot Stimulation: Pressure & Motion

Once you’ve found the G-spot, the next step is to stimulate it. Once is it properly stimulated, it will swell as blood enters it. Begin by moving your fingers in even circles all around it and the inside of the vaginal wall. Keep firm, consistent pressure and use a steady, circular rhythm. Unlike the clitoris, the G-spot does not need to be treated with kid gloves. It needs a firm hand and consistency in order to be stimulated. Be sure that as you are finding your circular rhythm that you are constantly hitting the G-spot for maximum stimulation. Now, because the G-spot is often overlooked and rarely stimulated, it could take some time to get it going. Just keep the firm, consistent pressure in the area and it will eventually become aroused.

A G-spot Orgasm with your Lover that is Out of this World

If you have a partner helping you, try having them lick your clitoris as they rub the G-spot. This will create a cataclysmic orgasm as you will be experiencing two at once and will likely last longer then just one by itself. You can also try a technique called ‘fisting’, which is essentially an entire hand inside the vagina. The pressure that creates is a great way to stimulate the G-spot, but usually needs to be worked up to.


It is also possible to stimulate the G-spot with the penis, though it can often be a little more difficult because of the G-spots need for constant pressure. You may want to locate the spot first and apply pressure with your fingers before moving to penis stimulation.

Best Positions to Stimulate the G-Spot

Since the penis naturally curves, it makes it ideal for finding the G-spot. If your partner’s penis curves upward, then it is a simple matter of finding the G-spot and stimulating it with firm, even thrusts – either missionary or doggie style should work. You can also lay on your side with one knee pulled to your chest and him entering you from behind. Any of these positions will set your partner into position for giving you immense pleasure. But all is not lost if your partner’s penis curves to the side or downwards. In these cases, positioning is everything.


If your partner’s penis curves to the side, then have him lie horizontally while you lie vertically and have him enter you that way. This should position him to be able to find the G-spot effectively. If his penis points downward then have him lie on his back while you mount him backwards. Your back should be facing him and you may find better results if you lean forward slightly.

Age is a Plus for G-spot Stimulation

Finding the G-spot gets easier with age, ladies, and is one of the reasons many women in their early to mid 30’s believe that they have peaked sexually. Research shows that a woman’s G-spot orgasm may be mediated by estrogen. So, when women are in their 20’s, they tend to have higher levels of estrogen that causes the vaginal lining to be quite thick. This makes it difficult to find and stimulate the G-spot. Conversely, women in their 30’s have lower levels of estrogen, so the vaginal walls thin out and make the G-spot more accessible.


All in all, finding the G- spot is possible. It is going to take time and practice, but the payoff is that you will have one of the most intense, earth-shattering, romance novel good, orgasms. And ultimately, you’ll learn more about your body and your sexual self. The more you know, the more you can help your partner. As an added bonus, you’ll come across as extremely confident in your sexuality and confidence is plain sexy to men. So, get ready for some of the best sex you’ve ever had!   »


Finding the G-Spot Article Highlights

  • The g-spot is deep within the vaginal walls, finding the g spot is normally 1 to 3 inches within the vagina.
  • Most women consider the g spot orgasm to be the most intense orgasm.
  • There is initial discomfort when you stimulate the g spot but the feeling of urinating is quite normal.


Did You Know?

Female ejaculation can be achieved by stimulating the g-spot.