G-Spot And Ejaculation

 G-Spot Orgasm: Its True!! Women Can Ejaculate

Women are just as capable as men at ejaculating and the G-spot does not necessarily need to be stimulated in order to ejaculate; though most women report their first ejaculation experience through G-spot orgasms. What is important to understand is that women have a prostate gland – similar to that of men’s – that creates fluids. The prostate gland will continue to produce the fluid for as long as the woman is aroused. This means that a woman could ejaculate multiple times.


Female ejaculation is a normal and natural part of a woman’s sexuality, yet they are often taught to repress it. So what is female ejaculate exactly? Well, it is a prostate like fluid that is pushed out of the urethra which originates from the Paraurethral/Skenes gland (which is the female prostate located under the G-spot) during sexual arousal.

Female Ejaculation Fluid Vs. Vaginal Fluids

There are two types of female sexual response fluids. One is termed as female prostate and the other is vaginal ejaculation fluids. The more common of the two is the vaginal ejaculate, which lubricates the vaginal walls. It is an odorless, milky substance that naturally cleans the vagina. It is also slightly acidic to keep infections away. However, it is also important to make sexual intercourse more comfortable for women.


Female prostate fluid is quite different. It is a unique substance, quite unlike what you would find when a woman is “wet” or has had an orgasm. However, there is a myth that this substance is urine. This is untrue. While the ejaculate contains similar properties, i.e. urea and creatinine, there are only trace amounts found in addition to other properties that clearly differentiate the two fluids. Upon testing the liquid, scientists have found that it contains levels of glucose (sugar) and an enzyme (prostate acid phosphatase) which is similar to the main component in semen.


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Female Ejaculate is NOT Urine

While female ejaculate is not urine, it is important to note that women can ejaculate and urinate at the same time – quite unlike men. It is recommended to urinate before sexual activities to avoid confusion and embarrassing moments.


The amount of fluid released during female ejaculation varies from a couple of drops that dribbles out to almost two cups that can gush out. It all depends on the woman. The difference between women who squirt and those who don’t is the size of their prostates. The average size of a woman’s prostate gland is 1.3 inches long, .75 inches wide, and .04 inches high. This can vary depending on the woman, but also during sexual arousal, the gland can elongate slightly.


A Stronger PC muscles means a Better G-Spot Orgasms

Women with well-toned PC muscles have been found to have generally better orgasms with an increased chance of ejaculation. Some women ejaculate after several orgasms, while others will come with the first one. Strengthening the PC muscles can be achieved by doing Kegels on a daily basis. The common theme among these women, however, seems to be extreme arousal and direct stimulation to the G-spot and clitoris for extended periods of time.


Female Ejaculation: Relax and Let it Flow (Ejaculation)


It is said that all women can learn to ejaculate. The important thing is to overcome inhibitions and learn to relax and let go during sex. Just like men, women need to be able to relax in order to perform. And just like men, women can mentally sabotage their performance with counterproductive thoughts.

Many women do not have very fulfilling sex lives and don’t know what an orgasm feels like, much less know anything about female ejaculate. This is because a woman’s sexuality is not openly discussed as men’s are and that is a shame. By learning about your sexuality, you only heighten your own pleasure. And where is it written that women should not enjoy that pleasure to the fullest?


So ladies, learn to let go during sex. Don’t worry so much; for once just let your fears and worries melt away. The only thing that matters is that you find what is most pleasing to you. Find your G-spot, release your PC muscles, and learn to ejaculate. Many women have reported feeling extremely free after ejaculating; like their male counterparts, they have just released a lot of pent up energy. So give it a try and have fun!       »