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G Spot – Guides How To

g_spot_lingerieThe Female G- Spot

The Grafenberg Spot most commonly known as the “female g-spot” was named after a famous gynecologist by the name of Ernst Grafenberg (1881-1957).  He has been accredited with being the creator of the first intrauterine contraceptive device and the discovery of a sensitive area of the anterior wall of the vagina.

According to Grafenberg, he had only used the word “spot “ twice in his description of his research and asserted there is no “Spot.” He made it clear this word was only used to make reference of his conclusions and was not to be taken literally.


So exactly where is the female g spot?

Although there is still much controversy about its placement, women and men are still confused as to how to  find the female g spot. He stated that the female G spot is  located between the back of the pelvic bone and the cervix.  However, this sensitive “spot” is not always apparent to women and men simply because it is not clear as to where it is exactly positioned.

Nevertheless, as a woman writing this article, I can tell you, it can be found and it can be simply illustrated.  If you were to look at your belly button as a clock, the female g-spot is somewhere between 11 and 2. When this area is stimulated by penetrating the vagina, either by masturbation or other means, it can also bring on the sensation of an orgasm.  However, a lot of women are not sure of what it is they are feeling when it is found.

Unleashing the G-spot Orgasm

A G-spot orgasm, feel almost as if you have to urinate. This sensation is only temporary, but this is where most women hold back because they do not realize this is the beginning of the g-spot orgasm.
What a woman experiences is a surge of fluid from the urethra which is the actual g spot orgasm. In fact, this G- spot issue has become such a fascination for both women and men that people believe this type of orgasm is supposedly being the “ultimate orgasm.” But the truth is, it is no more “ultimate” than any other orgasm for some women. It is just a matter of preference.

Nonetheless, the female G-Spot should not be the only focus when it comes to making love, and know not all women experience this sensation no matter what you do.

Pleasing your partner all kinds of ways should be the “ultimate orgasm.”


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