Scenes of Passion Make Her Feel Special


The Art of Seduction: Scenes of Passion

If you are confident that your woman is not into the whole seduction thing, then skip down to the cunnilingus techniques section and have fun.


For those of you still with me, no two women will have the exact same fantasy. Fantasies will share resemblances, to be sure, but each woman will add her uniqueness to them. Understanding these fantasies and embracing them is the best way to get the go ahead for going down on your woman. Granted, some woman just like the sensation of being eaten out and there isn’t much persuasion required on your part, but that doesn’t really do much but satisfy a physical need. To really blow her mind, take your time and be creative.



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Did you know?

Foreplay has been known to make a woman orgasm quicker and harder, so try some seduction techniques to seduce her mind and body.

Seduction Techniques: Fantasies & Scenes

The following are some fantasies I’ve run across from women that I have talked to in the past.

  1. Seduction Techniques: Rose Petals

The most basic of seduction scenes is the rose petals and candlelight fantasy. Most girls new to the pleasures of sex in general have some form of this fantasy and it is a good one to start off with when you are fairly new to each other. It is not overly adventurous, but provides a little stimulation to her senses before you even begin. Even if a woman is adventurous, she will be unable to resist your charms if you play out the rose petals and candlelight fantasy while you play Bon Jovi’s song “Bed of Roses”. You can roll your eyes all you want, but this scenario will work every time.


  1. Seduction Techniques: Under The Stars

Anything that is presented under the stars will work for many women, too. A blanket in the back yard, in the bed of a truck (DO NOT suggest inside the truck!), or a hammock underneath the stars is a romantic gesture and one that is sure to help put your lady in the mood. If you try this scenario, don’t rush things. She will likely be basking in the ambiance of your romanticism and if you ruin that by pushing too quickly, you will ruin your chances of oral fun for the night. If you feel that your chances are slipping, just resort to Bon Jovi again.


  1. Seduction Techniques: Sex on the Beach

If you are anywhere near a beach, this is an easy seduction technique. There is something about the sound of waves crashing that puts a woman in the mood. I would recommend that you find yourselves a secluded cove somewhere and do a little star gazing, or sunset watching beforehand, but it really isn’t necessary. Just being on a beach is enough for most women. Make sure you have a blanket, though. She will not thank you if she gets sand in any of her nether regions.


  1. Seduction Techniques: By the Campfire

Finally, for those of you outdoorsy people, campfire fun was something a woman shared with me that I found intriguing. Most people roast marshmallows or sing campfire songs, but why do that when you can receive cunnilingus? The most important thing with all of these different scenarios is how you make her FEEL. If she feels beautiful and loved, you are going to blow her mind. If you do not take your time with her, then there is a good chance that nobody will be blowing anything. »

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