Erogenous Zones: Sensitive Spots For Sexual Pleasure

Secret Hot Zones: Sexual Touching to Heat up the Erogenous Zones

While most people may not realize it but stimulating the erogenous zones through sexual touching is actually a major part of foreplay. Making physical contact through touch, signals increased intimacy between lovers. Anytime you get a chance to make physical contact you are extending foreplay between you and your partner. By keeping the sexual touching light and gentle enough to send goose bumps up and down your partner’s spine, you’ll be one step closer to making your partner excited and HOT!!!


Erogenous Zones: Sexual Touching & The Hot Buttons on the Body

Erogenous zones are hot buttons on the body that can get a person very aroused. Think about your own body! If your lover touches you with their hands, or their tongue, you automatically feel your heart beating faster and pleasure shooting through your body. Women and men both have erogenous zones and some are the same, but not all of them are. You need to know these zones on your lover’s body if you want to get them as excited as you are.


Sexually Touching the right “Spot”

For sexual touching, here are some of the most common erogenous zones on the human body:

Erogenous Zones –Wrist – The inner part of the wrist is very sensitive to touch. If you barely graze this area with your fingertips or your lips, you’ll have your partner melt. As you’re waiting for the check at the restaurant or watching the previews of a movie, this is a great time to begin teasing with some gentle sexual touching of the wrist.


Erogenous Zones –Neck – The lower part of the neck is also a sweet spot that can be stimulated with gentle kisses. Let your lips do the touching of the neck starting from behind the ears. Keep the kisses tender and light between your lips and your partners’ neck.


Erogenous Zones—Ears – You may be surprised that the ears could be a significant erogenous zone, but they truly are. By running your fingers over the outer edge of the ear, lightly blowing or whispering in the ear while you’re making out could make your partner extremely hot. Avoid using your tongue too much though –it can be a real turn-off to have a wet ear!


Erogenous Zones—Lips – Kissing isn’t just important in establishing an intimate connection before hitting the sheets; it’s also a way to turn up the heat. Both men and women have loads of nerve endings in their lips, so they are highly sensitive. When you’re kissing, always start off very gently so your lips barely touch, then gradually move up to more intense kissing.

Fun Facts

53% of us see the benefits of introducing a little experimentation into our sex lives, through role-play, massage, giving anal sex, sexual fantasies, bondage and vaginal sex.


Erogenous Zones—Feet – Not everyone feels comfortable with their feet, but the feet is full of receptors that will send pleasure coursing through their bodies if you touch them just right. A gentle massage works well or, if you don’t mind, you could work your mouth into the game to really make thing hot!


Erogenous Zones—Back –Most people don’t only love back massages just because they help reduce stress, although they do. The back is covered in erogenous zones. Some parts are going to generate a stronger reaction than others. If you’re just starting to learn about these hot buttons, take a feather and while your partner lays flat on their stomach, use the feather to graze parts of their back. When your partner reacts, then you’ve just hit an erogenous zone. Take note of the spot and make sure to give it plenty of attention a little later.

You should focus your foreplay with these hot spots. As things progress – and you’ll know when they do – you can begin paying attention to more intimate erogenous zones, such as the inner thighs, the butt, the chest, the penis or the clitoris. The main point is to enjoy each other through intimate touching to get you both aroused!


Did you know?

When asked: What’s Better Than Sex?: An amazing massage, 66 percent, Time to themselves, 59 percent, An extra hour of sleep, 59 percent, An outing with their best friend, 55 percent, Watching a favorite TV show 48 percent, Reading a totally absorbing book 42 percent, Eating gourmet chocolate 34 percent, Shopping for the perfect pair of shoes 32 percent, Having a great workout 27 percent.