The Truth About Using Sex Toys

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 It is unfortunate how many people feel a certain ‘stigma’ towards sex toys and that is because they were never introduced to adult bedroom toys or taught how with to use them.

Basically, we often make excuses when we are afraid of something or being wrong. We shy away from the unknown and limit ourselves to the confines of our safe zone. When we do creep out from our safe zones, we would see that intimate adult sex toys are healthy, fulfilling products that will make everything in our lives seem so much better.

Contrary to the incorrect belief, using sex toys will not make you become reliant on them, nor will they ever replace your partner in the bedroom. Additionally, using sex toys with your partner does not indicate that there’s anything wrong with your relationship or that your partner is a bad lover or that you are using an unnatural substitute for the real thing. There is no substitute for the warm feeling of a partner’s human body and the pleasures of sexual intimacy.

Sex toys actually increase sexual intimacy. Vibrators with their medical applications as a cure many women’s inability to get aroused, and for all too many, a women’s inability to orgasm, sex toys are the ultimate intimacy enhancers. The only thing sex toys do destroy  is that  “blah” feeling from bedroom boredom and that over-familiar, mundane, routine, sex rut.

The Proof is in Numbers of Vibrator Users

The truth, sex toys are very common relationship enhancers.  Perhaps  sex toys and vibrators have not all bedrooms accept sexual toys; yet sexual enhancement devices are commonly used by many women, men, and couples.

A recent Durex survey reveals that one-third of the population  use sex toys/bedroom accoutrements’  to enhance their sex lives, and half of the crowd that currently does not use sex toys they would like to. 

(These survey results are complemented by Emily Frye’s Sex and the Midlife Woman: First Ever Survey Results which revealed that 46 percent of women over age 40 use vibrators to increase their sexual satisfaction and one in three more would be willing to use a vibrator for that reason.)

The Berman Sexual Toys Survey shows us that:

·         29 percent of women admit to using vibrators,

·         14 percent use dildos

·         Six percent use nipple stimulants


Who knew so many of us enjoy sex toys!  According to the same survey:

·          73 percent of women masturbate to relieve sexual tension

·          58 percent use sex toys to experience sexual pleasure

·         44.3 percent masturbate to relax

·         44 percent of women masturbate because they do not have a sexual partner

The Berman Survey shows how vibrators also play a large role in masturbation, too. Of the 20 percent of women  who masturbate at least once a week, 59 percent use a vibrator. Half of the women surveyed said they masturbate between one and three times a month with a vibrator.

As the Berman Sexual Aids survey clearly shows, sex toys are for more than just the single ladies and for masturbation, Couples love them!:

·         62 percent of all the women stated that their partners enjoyed their use of vibrators, while a mere nine percent of women kept their sex toy usage a secret from their partners

·          39 percent of women use vibrators during foreplay

·         30 percent of women are likely to use vibrators during sex.


The statistics tell us the real story. First, the numbers tell us that even though many people currently do not use sex toys, they’re very open to changing that fact. Second, statistics highlight that there are plenty of people who do use sex toys and they’re not ashamed to admit it. Third and most important, these statistics show that whether people use toys or not, most people know that there’s nothing wrong about using sex toys in the bedroom.

To stimulate the area, apply pressure upward towards the pubic bone. Using one or more fingers, rhythmically stroke the g-spot in a “come hither” motion. Repeat this action back and forth to begin to stimulate the g-spot. Each person is different and some may prefer variations in g-spot stimulation methods. Methods like tapping, thumping, pounding, and/or the use of a vibrator can feel just as good.

Couples Enjoy the Benefits of Using Vibrators

When one is able to “suspend their internal judgment “and set aside their preconceived misconceptions about sex toys, one understands how sex toys are a pivotal assets to couples, personal lives and relationships. Many couples enjoy using sex toys in their sexual relationship for a variety of reasons.

Sex toys offer couples help by:

·         Spicing things up

·         Easing tired and/or arthritic fingers (that is exactly why doctors invented them)

·         Getting a woman aroused easier

·         Solving a woman’s inability to have an orgasm

·         Couples with improved intimacy find themselves closer


The joyful result are always the same:  “Satisfying Fulfilling Sexual Experiences that leads to Achieving an Orgasm easier with regularity”.


Sex toys will improve the quality of relationships and the quality of life.

Sex toys and vibrators are designed to increase sexual pleasure and achieve orgasms regularly as part of one’s intimate sexual activity. Whether they are used directly on the genitals or on other parts of the body, sex toys/vibrators bring couples to higher levels of satisfaction. Research has documented   that when a couple is unhappy in their love making, that dissatisfaction usually manifests into other relationship problems. Studies have also shown that couples have the need to have fulfilling intimate sex lives because ’a happy couple in the bedroom is a happy couple in the living room.’

Sex Toys are The Solution to Common Sexual Problem

‘Sex Toys are Priceless’  When you are one of the 43% of women who suffer from any common sexual problems like arousal difficulties, the inability to orgasm, lubrication or  unsatisfying sexual relationship, sex toys/vibrators offer a healthy solution.

70 percent of women require clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm, meaning that regardless of a man’s penis size or even his ability to maintain an erection for an hour, the female partner still requires clitoral stimulation to achieve an orgasm. Sex toys make it easy for a woman to stimulate the clitoris alone or with a partner. Whether a woman is suffering from bedroom boredom, a low sexual appetite, or the inability to have an orgasm through intercourse alone, sex toys are the solution.

Sex toys are also excellent enhancers for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. 31% of men suffer a sexual dysfunction and there is no reason for every man who experiences them to feel like he is alone or to leave his partner alone.

Greater than 50 percent of Women surveyed said they would give up Vaginal Intercourse in exchange for More Foreplay.


Partners with PE or ED often becomes self-conscious, insecure and afraid to express any form of  intimacy with his lover. Allowing these insecurities to get in the way of fulfilling your partner’s sexual needs or yours is not helpful to anyone. Avoidance always just makes the problem worse. Men with sexual dysfunctions can  still satisfy their women in many different ways including sex toys, as this article clearly shows.


Vibrators are the perfect solution to bedroom boredom. Remember hearing the expression,  “when the food is bad who wants to eat?” Perhaps, that applies to sex in many bedrooms as well. Often when a couple is thrown into a boring bedroom routine where every sexual encounter and experience is the same, sex will first become infrequent and the couple may eventually avoid having sex all together. When couples do use vibrators they view their vibrator/sex toys to be like part of a delicious buffet. And “When the food is good and plenty, there’s always room for seconds!”

Sex toys improve lives and relationships

For all those women reading this (you might even want to email this to your partner),that are too shy to try out sex toys because of untrue misconceptions, you need to consider your health and relationship. Fear shouldn’t get in the way of incorporating a vibrator because it will truly improve your life. Sex toys are not the unmentionable things some of us were raised to think they are. When used properly, sex toys are more like life aides that improve the quality of your health, your well-being, and your sexual relationship.


As long as you can dispel any misconceptions you may have heard and replace them with the true benefits of using sex toys, your personal life and relationship are bound to prosper.


The truth about sex toys is that:

·         Couples find that when their intimacy improves they also become closer and happier in their relationship

·         Sexual frustration be gone –  orgasms will become more frequent and with less anxiety

·         There are solutions for many of  those ‘pesky sexual issues’  that come along with time and age


More than one-third of the population (1 in 3 couples) already receives the benefits of using sex toys with personal experiences. Now as you are undoubtedly thinking about  yourself and your relationship, the question is :


Will Sex toys help You?

It is time you let yourself and your relationship achieve great  results together with the proven health and pleasure benefits of incorporating  sex toys?


Keep Experimenting … For a Happier You …




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