How To Satisfy A Woman Sexually


Unfortunately, some men are often confused when it comes to satisfying a woman sexually in bed. Not knowing what to do first and for how long is usually the dilemma. But it really isn’t one if a man knows what the basics are. or one thing, it takes maturity and the understanding to know that if this encounter is to be a gratifying one, then the man has to learn to step back for a minute and be only concerned about the woman’s pleasure to give her satisfying sex.

WHEN he concentrates on her needs first, his needs will undoubtedly be met in due time.

Let’s Talk About Sex!!!


The first thing a man needs to do is to talk to his partner.  Finding out what she likes and doesn’t like is a good start.  Sometimes women are shy when it comes to expressing their sexual desires, however, if a man is attentive, tender and open minded, he will learn more about his partner and he will also discover new things about her as well.

Being Intimate to Sexually Satisfy Your Woman

Being intimate with a woman after the talking is through should start with touch.  Touching a woman all over, every place imaginable is quite a turn on for women.   I don’t mean just stimulating the genital area, but all over.  Women like their necks kissed, backs stroked and their stomach caressed just to name a few.  This is one aspect of foreplay men often overlook.  Men think sexual stimulation is only about breast and genitals.  Wrong.

These are not the only areas on a woman’s body that arouses her.  They are called erogenous zones, which are places on her body that brings on sexual stimulation without the intercourse.  Your job is to find them.

Foreplay Is the Key to “GOOD SEX”

Also, kissing is usually important for a woman. But touching, talking and being loving to a woman is a very good introduction for an anticipated enjoyable sexual experience.  Secondly, if a man spends some time on these facets of women’s sexuality, then he will begin the phase I call “foreplay.”  Men care very little about its importance and this is why women get turned off and not completely aroused when the man is ready.

Not being considerate of a woman’s feelings and needs or taking the time to learn how to reciprocate also turns women off. A man doesn’t realize that what he expects to be performed on him, must be given back equally to a woman.  If men would only understand this fact, he will always have “good sex” and never doubt his encounters to be unsuccessful or unmemorable for both of them.

Oral sex is an option.  If a man expects to be receiving, then he had better learn how to give.  Men need to recognize if he didn’t get his infamous “blow job” then he needs to examine what he failed to do to turn on the woman.   A woman sometimes will not give until she receives, simple.  And a man shouldn’t have it any other way.


To Satisfy a Woman Sexually Has Lot To Do with Her Preference

And as for intercourse, that is strictly up to you on how you handle it.  I can’t tell you whether it should be fast or slow, gentle or hard.  That’s your personal preference.  But if she expresses discomfort or becomes dry, you need to change what you are doing immediately.

Finally, with all women, we expect “cuddle time”. This means you are to hold her and kiss her before you fall asleep.  We need a conclusion and I don’t mean just your orgasmic jism to determine the finale.  In a woman’s mind how you handle the end will only establish if she is interested in making love to you again. But that’s up to her.

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