Can We Feel Good Together Tonight?

Couple relaxing in a living room

Consider How Sexual Function Influences Sexual Experiences

If intercourse just doesn’t work, that does not mean you have to stop being sexual together. It’s important to take the view that changes of sexual functionality are normal and can be positive as long as both partners are satisfied.

Try new ways of intimacy that make both of you feel desirable and that might mean putting penetrative sex on hold. Spend more time on foreplay and explore non penetration sexual techniques for pleasure. Spice up your sex life with sexual enhancements produces like vibrators, lubricants, massage oil, or anal and prostrate toys. Focus on it being about pleasure.

Encourage Conversations – Talk and Listen

It’s essential that we learn to communicate with our partner about our needs and desires and to elicit the same from our partner, especially about what brings us pleasure.  It takes two to tango and if one partner feels neglected or if sex is unrewarding they probably will not be a willing partner. To improve sex its important to find ways of talking with your partner about how sex feels, concerns, changes affecting sexual dysfunctions  and desired experiences.

Tell her the failure to maintain an erection or premature ejaculation is your issue and NOT about her, it will take away the unspoken anxiety. The same is true if vaginal penetration is painful for her. Ultimately sexual enjoyment is a balance of physical and emotional issues.

Don’t try to read your partners mind, you will however increase your understanding by talking to each other. It is an opportunity for both partners to reduce feelings of anxiety and reassure each other about feelings of intimacy and love.

Keep Having Sex

Think of each sexual encounter being about pleasure, not intercourse. Work to see how much pleasure you can give each other, with or without penetration.

Giving pleasure to one’s partner is an act with immense rewards. Ask her what feels good and tell her what you like. Don’t be selfish, focus on foreplay. You can be sexual without intercourse, be grateful for what you do have and think of the positive things you can do to make the lovemaking experience much more enjoyable for both.

Discover New Ways to Experience Pleasure For Amazing Sexual Experiences 

There are so many different choices for pleasure and intimacy without penetration. It might be awkward at first to expand your repertoire to other means of sexual expression and pleasure but discovering new sensations and erogenous zones can be very rewarding.