Orgasm Techniques: How Can I Give Myself An Orgasm

The Best Orgasm with Female Orgasm Techniques

Female orgasm techniques #1: Create a state of mind

Clear your mind of unwanted thoughts by redirecting your focus. Try to tune into a mind-body connection. If you going to be intimate without expectation of an orgasm, you will deter your bodies pleasure reaction. If you assume you won’t orgasm or if you assume you can only orgasm once during intercourse then you’re not allowing yourself to exceed this expectation. Your mental state is important for achieving orgasm as impairment of orgasm can come from factors such as stress and anxiety.


Female orgasm techniques #2: Masturbate

Almost every woman is capable of reaching orgasm, when she knows how to stimulate herself. Since the masturbation is the easiest way for the woman to reach orgasm, this is the best method to prepare the body for an orgasm with a partner. It allows you to get accustomed to you orgasm triggers which you can then teach your partner so you can orgasm successfully when you become intimate.

Female orgasm techniques #3: Foreplay

Be comfortable with receiving pleasure; let your partner know that you’re not ready to move on to the next step. It is very important to understand that the more you are excited prior to the beginning of sexual intercourse, the greater the probability to orgasm . Attempt to prolong foreplay by allowing your partner to caress your entire body and especially the clitoris increasing your desire while being sexually stimulated.

Female orgasm technique #4: Take an orgasm time out

After you climax the first time, you may become overly sensitive to touch. As during orgasm many of your nerves are stimulated causing a lot of blood flow. So you should take momentary breaks after orgasm to regain composure. You should give the vaginal area a break by having your partner distract you with kisses and soft touches in areas that will keep you aroused so your vagina can cool down while you’re still sexually stimulated. Remember keep yourself aroused but give your nether regions that little break it needs to reach multiple orgasms.

Female orgasm techniques #5: Hitting the Spot

By stimulating the G-spot you can go from a single orgasm to multiple orgasms. When you orgasm the area becomes super sensitive you might try to stimulate the G-spot for another orgasm.

To stimulate the g-spot during sexual intercourse the best positions are reverse cowgirl and doggie style, they work well because they stimulate the g-spot naturally. Also the g-spot is not the only body part that should be stimulated, while you’re in these positions your partner can fondle your breast or slap you ass to create more stimulation with more excitement to achieve the best orgasm.     »


Female Orgasm Fun Facts

NIH (National Institute of Health) recommend the use of vibrators as an effective way to give yourself an orgasm.

Did you know?

2/3rds of people globally don’t use products to enhance their sex lives but more than half would like to.