Clitoral Stimulation Techniques for the Bedroom

Clitoral Stimulation for Female Orgasm: How to Stimulate the Clitoris

If a woman rarely experiences an orgasm with her partner, she may need more physical stimulation. . A majority of men don’t prolong sexual stimulation foreplay which then leads to sexual excitation and frustration.

Even very prolonged sexual intercourse can prove to be ineffective, since after a certain amount of time the vagina ceases to secrete natural lubricant and becomes “dry”.

“Only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse alone, especially since the clitoris often does not receive sufficient stimulation from intercourse alone.”

With an adequate method of (clitoral) stimulation you will be capable of many orgasms, regardless of the length of sexual intercourse. Without the adequate clitoral stimulation most likely you will not reach orgasm; this shows the importance of clitoral sexual stimulation.

Methods for Clitoral Stimulation for Achieving an Orgasm through Stimulation

The following recommendations will help you to orgasm during sexual intercourse.

Understand that the more you are sexually excited prior to the beginning of actual sexual intercourse, the greater the probability of an orgasm. Attempt to prolong foreplay by allowing your partner to caress your entire body, especially the clitoris; this increases your desire while being sexually stimulated.

Many men think that a woman has reached excitement if she is moist; but wetness, and vaginal lubrication needed for penetration, should be separated from excitement. Moistening of the vagina occurs at the early stages of sexual turn on and it does not mean that the woman has approached the maximum excitation leading towards orgasm.

3 Clitoral Stimulation Techniques for Achieving a Clitoral Orgasm

The following recommendations will help you to achieve a clitoral orgasm during sexual intercourse:

Female Clitoral Stimulation Techniques #1:  Clitoral Stimulation by Finger 

The most common clitoral stimulation techniques involve clitoral stimulation by finger. Clitoral stimulation by finger can be used as self pleasure, performed by your partner or incorporated into sexual intercourse. Manual stimulation involves touching and rubbing the clitoris and the surrounding area to increase sensitivity, pleasure to lead an ultimate clitoral orgasm. Having your partner stimulate your clitoris can be very sensual and exciting because you allow them full control over what they do and you are less likely to stop before you reach your orgasm. If you’re looking for the ultimate orgasm, then having your partner touch and manually stimulate you can definitely lead to a very good one.

Female Clitoral Stimulation Techniques #2: Oral Sex 

Cunnilingus or Oral sex is direct clitoral stimulation that can be extremely satisfying. With oral sex it doesn’t have to be all about the clitoris, encourage your partner to explore you with their mouth including the whole labia and vagina. Licking, kissing and sucking on the clitoris increases the arousal that you will get out of the experience. Oral sex adds excitement so the whole tongue can be used or just the tip of the tongue, the more change the better. Rhythm is also important. Talk to your partner during the experience and let them know your likes and dislikes. The more focus they keep on the clitoral area the quicker you are going to achieve an orgasm.

Female Clitoral Stimulation Techniques #3: Coital Alignment Technique

The coital alignment technique is a sexual position that is designed to help a woman achieve an orgasm during intercourse. Most women have to use some sort of clitoral stimulation techniques to achieve an orgasm. To perform this sex position, the man enters the woman and then lifts himself up further so that his thrusting makes contact with the clitoris. This allows both individuals to be stimulate and the woman can then lift herself up and thrust as well. The result is that there is repeated contact between her clitoris and the base of his penis. This clitoral stimulation technique may take a bit of practice, but it has been very successful for many people who have difficulty reaching orgasm.