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female orgasm or sexual climax is achieved when a female is sexually aroused and has reached her highest orgasmic peak. The female sexual response cycle has four stages such as stimulation/excitation, the plateau, orgasm and the resolution/euphoria. In the first stage of the sexual response cycle, sexual activity such as foreplay allows blood flow to the genitals and breast, the clitoris swells, and the vagina begins to lubricate.

In the second stage of the sexual response cycle the vagina continues to moisten and swell, while the clitoris become overly sensitive and retracts into its hood. The heart rate and breathing increase while muscle tension and spasm arise in the hands, face and especially the feet.

In stage three of the sexual response cycle the female orgasm is achieved in which the female body is overwhelmed with powerful physical pleasure, is then followed by involuntary cycles of muscle contractions in the pelvic area. This affects all muscles in this region which surrounds the primary sexual organs, which cause the orgasm. Female orgasms are also linked to other involuntary actions such as muscle spasms in different areas of the body, outburst in dialogue and a calming euphoric state. The orgasm is the shortest cycle within these stages normally lasting only a few seconds.

In the final stage of the sexual response cycle the body is in a euphoric state while the clitoris and nipples get soft, the genitals return to their normal size and the heart rate and breathing returns to norm. Women that are capable of having multiple orgasms can normally go from the fourth stage back to second stage of the sexual response cycle to be followed by another orgasm.

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