Female Masturbation: How to Techniques & Tips

The Secret to a Great Sex Life is through Masturbation

Female masturbation has come to be known as the ‘open secret.’ Almost everyone does it, but talking about it is somewhat taboo. It isn’t exactly considered polite conversation to discuss masturbation techniques. However, women got the short end of that stick as it is considered more of a taboo subject to discuss women pleasing themselves then men. But, the thing is, masturbation is great for your sex life; male or female. And engaging in self-pleasure is a safe and constructive way to learn your body and learn how to masturbate. The result is that you can pass that knowledge on to your partner and make sex more fun and enjoyable for you both.

As women don’t frequently discuss different ways to masturbate to please themselves, this article will give some examples for those starting out and maybe give those who are experienced an idea or two. While this article is specifically for women, men may find that they can learn a thing or two about pleasing their partners.

Did You Know?

Female masturbation is one the best treatment for women that have trouble achieving an orgasm.

Seduce your own Mind and get in the Mood

As you know, women are not built to just jump right in. You have to take things slowly and get yourself in the mood. For best results, try to get some alone time where there is no one in the house with you. Worrying about being caught will ruin your mood. Once you’ve gotten some alone time, try taking a hot bath or drinking a glass of wine – whatever relaxes you. If you’re looking for extra stimulation, you can watch adult movies or look through adult magazines. The object is to do things that turn you on. Even an erotic fantasy or the memory of a particularly stimulating sexual experience would work.

How to masturbate: Explore your Self Pleasure


If you’re fairly new to masturbation then you may want to start with an exploration of your genitals. Begin by lightly stroking the outer lips. These lips are soft and stretchable, so try tugging and rolling them between your fingers. Start of gentle, but increase the pressure as you continue, if you like. Next move to the inner lips, which are the soft, pink folds found deeper between your outer lips. These are quite a bit more sensitive than the outer lips, so be sure to start gently here. But, they also create an entirely different set of sensations. Discover what you like best by stroking and tugging these lips.


Explore the inner workings of your vagina. You can do this leisurely, while noting which areas are more sensitive to your touch. Slip a finger all the way into your vagina and feel around the inside edge.


Best ways to masturbate: Stimulating your clitoris

The other part of your vulva that you should be well aware of is the clitoris. The clitoris – clit, for short – is like a tiny penis, in that it is made up of erectile tissue that swells when you are aroused. It is covered under a thin piece of flesh that protects it. Occasionally, the clitoris will make an appearance of its own accord, but like a shy kittens in hiding, it often requires coaxing in order to come out. The clitoris is also extremely sensitive to direct stimulation and some women cannot handle that direct contact – it is too much for the clitoris, so it retreats and the women is left unsatisfied and the moment is lost.


When trying to stimulate your clitoris, avoid direct stimulation until you are sufficiently aroused or you are certain that you can handle the contact. The clitoris’s sole purpose of existence is to provide you with sexual pleasure, so don’t be rough with it. It should go without saying that you want to warm up to playing with the clitoris – meaning, don’t just start out by rubbing it. You are likely to not get yourself aroused that way. Start with other parts of your body first; then slowly make your way to the clitoris once you are aroused.


So, with those few basics out of the way, let’s talk about the different ways to masturbate and items that you can use to help stimulate yourself. These aren’t in any particular order from beginning to advanced, because women will vary in what they like and what turns them on. Just try different techniques and see what works the best for you!

Masturbation Tips:

Masturbation Tip (Clitoral): * Pillow Pleasure *


Surprisingly enough, a pillow is an excellent prop to have on hand when masturbating. As is the case with a woman’s clitoris, other parts are pretty sensitive. It doesn’t take much pressure to arouse a woman. One of the best positions with a pillow is to lie on your side with the pillow between your legs. Press the pillow firmly against your genitals with your heel and gently rock your pelvis back and forth. If you are a woman who prefers more contact and likes it a little rougher, then this way to masturbate isn’t for you.

Masturbation Tip (Clitoral): * Washcloth Fun *


Next you may want to try a warm, wet washcloth – it goes without saying that the cloth should be clean. Add a little lubrication to it. For best results, use KY warming lubrication. Start by lightly stroking it over your outer lips and then slowly go deeper. Brush it across your clitoris and up and down the inside of your lips. Tease yourself for as long as you can. When you feel an orgasm coming, you can increase the pressure to make it a more intense feeling.

Masturbation Tip (Clitoral): * Clitoral Assault *


For those that can handle a little direct stimulation, try placing your index and middle finger over your clitoris and press down. I recommend that this be a firm pressure, but not too heavy; however, find the pressure that pleases you. Now move those fingers back and forth while continually pressing the clitoris. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the motions, begin tightening and relaxing the muscles in your legs to add to the effect. These combined movements will send you into an orgasm pretty quickly. It will be hard to sustain the direct contact on the clitoris after you orgasm, but you can choose a spot above or below the clitoris and begin again. This is one of the easiest techniques to help you achieve multiple orgasms.

Masturbation Tip (Clitoral): * Silk Stockings*


If props are your thing, there are several you can try. First, let’s talk about a simple one. A pair of silk stockings is an excellent prop to keep handy. You can use nylons for this, but silk feels much better. You can find any which way you like to use the stockings, but the easiest way is to straddle them; one hand holding the pair from the back, and the other hand holding them in the front. Then gently pull the material so that it is between your outer lips and touching the inside. Pulling it gently back and forth will create some electrifying sensations!


Masturbation Tip (Clitoral): * Make Up Brush*


A large, super soft make-up brush can also be used as a way to masturbate. For best results with this masturbation technique, wash your entire vulva area and then pat it dry. The stimulation is better when you are shaved because the pubic hair tends to get in the way. Once you are clean, lay on a flat surface, like the bed or a floor, and spread out so that your vulva is wide open. Then, flick the make-up brush across your clitoris – very lightly. Keep away from the opening of your vagina, however, as you will get aroused and become wet. If the brush gets wet, it will take away from the sensation. Just continue to dust your clitoris. After some time, the sensitivity will increase and you will become extremely aroused. The natural temptation is to drop the brush and quickly finish yourself off, but you must try to refrain from doing so. Just continue to use the brush and lightly flick your clitoris. The tension that builds from this will cause an explosive climax because it is so slow building. There is no need to touch any other part of the vulva; the brush and the clitoris will take care of the orgasm.

Masturbation Tip (Vaginal): * Vaginal Maneuvers *


All of the different ways to masturbate that are mentioned above have been forms of clitoral stimulation, but it is possible to stimulate your vagina as well. In fact, many women recommend combining the two together. Try plunging a finger into your vaginal opening while stroking the clitoris with the other. This is something that you will have to figure out on your own, because each woman is her own unique creation. Finding the right rhythm and speed is a part of the fun of exploring yourself. Just keep in mind that you have two hands. Don’t be afraid to use both. One hand can find ways to stimulate the vagina by combining the stroking of the lips with enter a finger or two into the vaginal opening. Meanwhile, the other hand can play with the clitoris and stimulate it in any manner that suits you. If you get a rhythm going, you’ll end up with both a clitoral orgasm as well as a vaginal orgasm and you’ll find that it is an intense sensation.

Masturbation Tip (Vaginal): * Wet and Wild: Shower Sex *


Another simple technique that you can try is using water. Get yourself one of those adjustable, massaging showerheads. Get comfortable in your bathtub and turn the showerhead on. Point the water directly on your vulva and just let the massaging action do all the work. Change the settings and find the one that works the best for you. This is also another technique that is good for women just starting out on exploring their bodies because it is easy to do and gets you used to different sensations. However, it’s still a goodie to keep for ones used to masturbation!

Masturbation Tip (Vaginal): * Masturbation Sex Toys *


And finally, sex toys! I’ve talked briefly about different props that you can use and these are all getting you ready for the grand finale of our article – the sex toys. These range in size, shape, color, and material and are a very personal item. It is recommended that you visit a sex store and view each toy personally, that way you can be sure you get the one that suits you.


The most common toys are dildos and vibrators. You can get them shaped as penises, or simply as oval shapes. Many of these can be inserted into the vaginal opening or just placed over the clitoris for stimulation. Some of the most popular are the rabbit, the bullet, and the crystal wand dildo. When you use these products in combination with the different ways that you learned to masturbate, you will find that your orgasms may intensify. The vibrations do wonders for a woman’s arousal. Just be sure that you start on the lowest setting with those that vibrate in order to get the most out of your sessions. If it’s over too quickly, then you’re missing out on some extremely powerful orgasms!

Learn How to Masturbate to Please!


It is important to remember the rest of your body during masturbation. Different strokes or touches could send sensations straight to your lower body, heightening your arousal even more. Caress your breasts, squeeze your nipples, leave nothing unexplored! If you are extremely sensitive on your neck, then use a feather to tickle your neck while you play with your clitoris. Find whatever works or you and just have fun with it.


The more you know about your body, the more you can help any partners you have to learn how to please you. As I’ve said, every woman is completely different in what turns them on.  Most men only know what worked in previous relationships, so without your help, he may not know how to please you. Tell him what you like. It may seem awkward at first, but once it’s communicated, you are free to enjoy it. And that is the best part of sex – enjoying the sensations!


Female Masturbation: How to Techniques & Tips Article Highlights

  • For masturbation beginners slowly massaging the outer lips with some for of lubrication can be the beginning of your masturbation experience.
  • The best masturbation tip is to use a variety of adult toys such as vibrator or dildos for clitoral and vaginal stimulation.