The Stimulation You Desire – Self Pleasure

self_pleasure (1)While some women are not yet comfortable with masturbating, there are many women who enjoy the physical and emotional benefits of self-pleasuring.

 73 percent of women masturbate to relieve sexual tension

  58 percent use sex toys to experience sexual pleasure

44.3 percent masturbate to relax

Aside from the obvious orgasm satisfaction that is achieved, masturbating with a vibrator can be a great stress reliever.

Additionally it will  also be a learning experience that builds your confidence . When you ‘know’ what makes you feel good, you will share those ‘insights’ with your partner for more enjoyable intimate pleasures together.

Using a vibrator will please you and is a fun thing experience you do want. .

When you buy a vibrator, chose that will meet your needs (want help? Call the staff at TP they love to share their knowledge) . Are you looking to use a vibrator as part of your lovemaking as a couple or for personal self pleasure or both? For example, you may be the kind of person who can only achieve an orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. In this case, it is unlikely that you would find the most enjoyment from a vibrator specifically designed to stimulate the g-spot. You may still reach an orgasm, but it may not rock your world as much as a vibrator with you in mind would.


With that said, you have some exploring to do. After buying a vibrator, set some private time aside to explore your body and become familiar with what turns you on and what leads to intense feelings of pleasure and orgasm. When  you are  new to masturbating altogether, start slow. Most females don’t just up and decide they want to masturbate, though the occasional burst of desire isn’t unheard of. For many women the right ‘mood’ is needed to be stimulated. Start by setting the mood to begin your exploration..


Setting the Mood for Your Pleasure


There are many techniques to help a woman set her mood for self-pleasuring. Explore what works best for you is all part of discovering your sexuality. a few of the more common ways to relax:

1.) Take a hot shower or bath

2.) Enjoy a glass of wine

3.) Slip into something silky, that  makes you feel desirable

4.) Watch erotic film clips  or read some erotic literature (if this works for you)

5.) Fantasize – allow your creative mind to explore your fantasy’s

Explore, Discover, Experience

The more focus you keep on the clitoral area the quicker and stronger you are going to achieve an orgasm.

Most women (70%) require some sort of clitoral stimulation techniques to achieve an orgasm.

Masturbation is a learning experience that builds up your sexual confidence . When you ‘Know’ what makes you feel good, you will share those ‘insights’ with your partner making for more enjoyable intimate pleasure experiences together.


Female masturbation techniques are simply self stimulation of one’s genitals performed manually and can be varied based on preference: i.e. using ones fingers, or your vibrator, or rubbing contact with an object like a pillow or with another body, and of course, a combination of methods.


An interesting point to be noted is that contact with another’s body (rubbing, dry humping) that does not include intercourse, is often defined as masturbation, or partnered masturbation, this type sexual rubbing are also known as frottage.
For masturbation beginners slowly massaging the outer lips and the surrounding area with some form of lubrication can be the beginning of becoming comfortable with your masturbation experience, while increasing blood flow, awakening nerve sensations to heighten your sensitivities. Leading to more intense manual stimulation of touching, rubbing the clitoris, or using a vibrator for ease while building up the ultimate pleasures of an Orgasm.

  Did you know?
masturbation is one the best treatment for women that have trouble achieving an orgasm. Only 17% of women are likely to have an orgasm during sexual intercourse alone, since the clitoris often does not receive sufficient stimulation from intercourse alone, a vibrator and/or the coital alignment technique is great for stimulation during intercourse.

Many women have found that after they learn what stimulates themselves to orgasm with a vibrator, they find it easier to incorporate it with their partner as part of their sexual repertoire.

Sex toys are a valuable resource for sexual problems such as arousal difficulties and anorgasmia (inability to orgasm).

Studies have shown that women have an easier time achieving orgasm with direct clitoral stimulation. Most vibrators are specifically designed for the clitoris, and there are many other options of vibrators for you to select from, those that can insert vaginally, G Spot anatomically designed, smaller discreet vibrators to directly apply to your clitoris, dual vibrators that simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and vagina, tri-mode gspot, vaginal, clitoral, Massagers for all external areas………..

The reason that ladies moan with pleasure is that the vibrator has the ability to stimulate the clitoris, at such intensity unable to be replicated by any human tongue, finger etal. A vibrator makes sex less stressful and far more pleasurable. In fact a vibrator was invented as relief for doctors tired fingers when curing a womens ‘hysteria’ by inducing an orgasm.

Orgasm; Medically proven a “Full Body Release”, is important for our complete wellness.


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