The Cold Unsatisfied Wife -Bedroom Frigidity

Photo of man looking at his wife sitting on bed with offended expression

Yet, How Often is the Husband to Blame?

Bedroom Frigidity is a dreaded and feared situation by men and women alike and is encountered in as many as half of all marriages. This is a problem devastating millions of homes.


Many Female Partners Incorrectly Believe  that it is she who is lacking in ability to orgasm but often it because their husband’s lack the knowledge and skills, that they are left unsatisfied.

When she is left feeling frustrated and unsatisfied, she does not reciprocate in sexual overtures or in sexual activities. If one partner feels neglected they wont be keen to satisfy the other.

All to often it is because of their husbands lack of knowledge and skills. Even those husbands who do know the importance of the clitoris and extended foreplay, many do not always want to take the effort to provider the necessary stimulation for her to reach orgasm.

Intimacy Without Satisfaction  Leaves Women Devastated and Eventually They Develop An Aversion to Sex!

Female anorgasmia, the inability/difficulty to orgasm is often incorrectly viewed as ‘her issue’ a recent study indicates that communications as it relates to direct clitoral stimulation is a strong component of this sexual dysfunction in a significant way.

  • couples with an anorgasmic female partner reported more troubled sexual communication than sexually function couple.”
  • this pattern of lower communication comfort related specifically to direct clitoral stimulation activities is characteristics of male partners of anorgasmic women”
  • yet interestingly enough there appeared little difficulty discussing intercourse or intercourse positions.

Importance of viewing and treating this sexual dysfunction as a ‘couple’

The most significant findings of the study: In couples where the women did not reach orgasm it suggests communication regarding direct clitoral stimulation activities (cunnilingus and manual genital stimulation of the female) was not occurring. Highlighting the importance of telling ones partner what feels good and what one requires to achieve orgasm.


52% of Women Regularly Fake Orgasm


It might very well may be a challenge to address Direct Clitoral Stimulation with your partner yet this is potentially powerful towards overcoming and will result in a greatly improved sexual fulfillment.

Most women are unable to and have difficulty achieving orgasm with penetration alone and yet with additional direct clitoral stimulation they will reach orgasm during intercourse.

Why is Foreplay So Important?

Men who know how to enjoy sensitive foreplay with their wives will often find their wives enjoy sexual intercourse more and will also reach orgasm easier. Women require prolonged stimulation in order to reach a complete state of arousal    and foreplay will provide them with the needed stimulation.

Investing in foreplay makes the whole lovemaking experience much more pleasurable. Giving pleasure to one’s partner is an act with tremendous rewards.

Even if you have been a couple for many years, each time should be an exciting fresh adventure and mutual enjoyment for both partners to achieve orgasm. Caring partners knows that without mutual participation neither partner will feel complete satisfaction and the full joy of intimate experiences.

Sexual Tensions and Intimate Physical Malnourishment are often cited reasons as to why many a couples find themselves divorced.


So while men complain about frequency and lack of participation, women lose interest because they do not want to be sexual if they can’t reach their climax.


Using a Vibrator During Intercourse     Couples Position Tools/Slings     Plan Your Night of Sensual Love Making
The reason women gain so much pleasure from clitoral stimulation is because the clitoris contains the most never endings than in any part of the female body. So play close attention to the clitoris when satisfying a woman sexually.
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The Cold Unsatisfied Wife -Bedroom Frigidity