ToGetHer Pleasure Anal Sex Guide

Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Stimulation.

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Hey let’s face it, for understandable reasons, not everyone is comfortable with anal sex or using a anal sex toy or even being anally fingered by their partner. But the truth and fact is, that all kinds of people from all background enjoy the pleasures of anal stimulation and yes many also enjoy anal sex, because it feels good. There are several nerve endings around the anus which are very sensitive and can feel (both?) incredible (painful as well as incredibly pleasurable ?) when stimulated.


Using Lubrication

using lubrication and being relaxed are  very important for your maximum pleasure, as  the anus and anal canal are not self lubricating. Therefore please ensure that all anal sex toys  and the anus are  adequately lubricated. When inserting fingers or toys, to relax  breath calmly and deeply  until you are relaxed and are prepared  for the pleasures of anal  insertion. Perhaps Desensitizing creams and spays are what you or your partner

 Try these anal play products for proper lubrication, Lubrication100ml Eros/Pjur Aqua Gel and Desensitizing Spray: Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray.

Pjur Analyse Me! Anal Comfort Spray$18.75

Safe Sex & Hygiene

For reasons of hygiene it is important to cover toys with a condom, its safe and its easier to clean up. In any form of anal play it is also important that you to try your best not to go from anus to vagina to limit the transferable of infections.

Include in here no no NO going from anal to vaginal

Sex Toys & Anal Play

Can a toy get lost up there ? To avoid toys slipping into the anus, always use toys that are flared at the base or has a handle. Using toys that have softer material are better for the sensitive tissues in the rectum. Check out these fun Anal Products: Aneros, Inter-Actives Anal T and Bullet Combo


Anal Sex & Oral Sex

During anal play most people enjoy cunnilingus or fellatio as sort of double stimulation.

P-Spot/G-Spot Stimulation

Angling toys towards you’re your belly button during anal play can stimulate the g-spot in women and the P-spot in men.

Anal Sex & Her Period 





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