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There is the common misconception that married couples tend to have less sex than people that are single. But recent research has shown that 90% married men and women on average had sex compared to the 45-50% of singles that have had sex within a month. We provide sex statistics that debunk certain myths with sex information from several sex surveys that focus on relationship issues such sex, desire, arousal, satisfaction and frequency of sex.


Men and Women Statistics

  • Percentage of Men and women over the age of 60 that say that they would like to have sex more often than they do now

Men 60 and older: 56 percent

Women 60 and older: 25 percent

(The National Council on Aging Study, “Healthy Sexuality and Vital Aging,” p. 6)

  • In a recent US survey, 43 per cent of women and 31 per cent of men identified themselves as having one or more sexual problems.

Men     Women            Women enjoy sex ‘a great deal’

Always have orgasm               74        30                    87%

Usually ‘most of the time’      23        45                    74%

Less often                               3          24                    46%


Women who are ‘more likely’ to  ‘always to have an orgasm’ are more apt to enjoy sex a great deal , think about it often, be satisfied with their sex lives and say their sex lives are very exciting (ABC prime time 10-21-04)


45 years of age and older that during the last 6 months of sexual activity

Men     Women

always had an orgasm                   70%     29%

usually had an orgasm                   22%     33%

sometimes had an orgasm             40        19

rarely had an orgasm                     2          8

never had an orgasm                     3          10

(AARP/Modern Maturity Sexuality Study, p. 14)


  • “I would be quite happy never having sex again.”

Men     Women

45-59 years of age                   1          9

60-74 years of age                   5          28

75 years of age and older                   5          36

(AARP/Modern Maturity Sexuality Study, p. 25)


Couples Statistics

There is clear evidence that sex loses its spark over time.

  • Couples together less than 3 years  58% call their sex lives very exciting
  • Couples together more than 10 years only 29% say their sex lives are very exciting.
  • New couples 72% have sex at least several times a week.
  • Long term couples just 32% have sex at least several times a week.
  • Moreover people who are not satisfied with their sexual relationship are most likely to cheat on their spouse or partner –36% have done so!


“A satisfying sexual relationship” is important to their quality of life (believe that)

Men                 Women

45-59 years of age                   74%                 66%

60-74 years of age                   61                    48

75 years of age and older        50                    44


Ignoring their own needs? 

If it takes two to tango, then why is it just 22% tell their partner what they enjoy and need sexually? can help you get what’s coming to you. You do deserve it!  Send an E-card


It Could Be About Your Partner:

  • 37 percent say their bedmate needs a fresh approach.
  • 29 percent says the sex is only about intercourse.
  • 24 percent says he never asks what they want
  • 22 percent says their partner is not romantic
  • 17 percent say he’s often emotionally absent.



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