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Hardly anyone needs motivation to have sex

 what is needed are good ideas to expand our imaginations and creativity. seek to inspire.

Our Approach seeks to open the dialogue about sex while ‘suspending internal censorship’ of any judgments.

The philosophy of icame ‘suspending internal censorship’ has one goal; breaking down the barriers of sexual inhibitions through sexual information and understanding.

Once we suspend our own internal censorship we can allow ourselves to absorb information without filters.

You and your partner are different.

We each have our own triggers for sensuality and different attitudes towards sexuality: Insight into some of these differences and the emotions they create enhance our experience and enjoyment.

Any successful relationship, especially a sexual one, is a delicate balance between the needs and desires of each person as an individual and their desire to achieve meaning through a relationship. This balance is one that can be easily upset. Each person needs to define what they want from each other.

At times it is necessary to be quite explicit about what you want, because whatever is left unsaid may very well become the main source of conflict between you. Sex many times is the unspoken.

Everything you always wanted to ask others about their sex life yet were otherwise to polite to ask?

What is your question?

We all have questions of our own.. Yet, many of us have not asked or expressed what is on our minds out of fear of being judged. created a place where you can feel comfortable, private, respected, and yes , even a little excited.

When reading questions and comments from others, it makes asking questions and learning information non threatening, as one no longer feels alone or embarrassed. Your pleasure starts with a dialogue !  the premier sexual information interchange. provides information and resources to enrich your sexual health & happiness both physically as well as mentally

If there is anything you would like to see on or something you think we should be aware of, please feel free to contact us. We invite you to share any questions, thoughts, feelings or ideas and welcome you to contribute content to the site.


Our Story

The theme of is ‘everything you have always wanted to ask others about their sex life yet were to polite to ask’ .

The ‘ask’ format was chosen because When reading questions and comments of others it permits us to learn in a non-threatening manor, as one no longer feels embarrassed or alone.