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About Us

Together Pleasure is a sexual health company that ‘caters’ solutions to the 43% of the female population and 31% of the male population that suffer a sexual dysfunction at any given time and intimate pleasure enhancements , utilizing journal research articles, together with health care professionals to offer education and product so ALL can enjoy the pleasures and health benefits of ‘Together Pleasure’ and personal intimacy………


Together Pleasure began its operations in 2007 as an upscale seller of specialty adult pleasure products with the founding belief that “ erotic sex toys ” are health care products they are! read our research) and should be marketed for their health benefits as well as the “health necessary accessory” that they are!!!


Together pleasure discovers and markets personal health care pleasure products to promote healthier more satisfying intimate lives for the mainstream audience. Highlighting the health & wellness benefits of sexual intimacy we are deeply committed to being innovative to deliver sexual health education, improve the acceptance of personal health care pleasure products while offering techniques and methods to enhance the passion and intimacy of our customers. For a healthier enhanced quality of your life as a couples or individual.


Together Pleasure (TP Wellness Corp.) is a network of websites: – i asked i learned i – ToGetHer Pleasure is Together Pleasure – Sex Dr sex drive with medical information

All with the mission: that seeks to solves issues while enhancing personal intimate pleasure and relationships.


Together Pleasure seeks  to improve the quality of YOUR Sexual Health and intimacy.

TOGETHER PLEASURE REFUND POLICY: we can only accept returns and refund for defective or unopened/unused product. Pleasure objects are personal and therefore have hygiene issues attached to them. Just as we at Together Pleasure recommend toy cleaners and always cleaning your objects of pleasure after each use, it is for that same reason we are not permitted to accept returns unless the product has not been opened and/or is defective.


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