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Marital Counseling

When many couples think of marital counseling, they automatically groan at the very idea. Many people share the misconception that marital counseling is boring, useless, and or threatening. However, marital counseling can seriously improve the quality of a couple's communication skills. Not ironically, an improvement in communications typically leads to better sex.


One of the chief complaints that long term couples have is a lack of communication. Sometimes that communication is missing from a couple's everyday life while other times it is strictly missing from the bedroom. As awkward or shameful as it may feel to communicate your deepest desires to your spouse, you will have to do that in order for your marriage and your sex life to flourish. In cases when couples feel too inhibited to share those desires with one another, marital counseling can be the best option.


If you visit a licensed marriage or family therapist, you can expect to receive quite a few things. First and foremost, you and your spouse will have somebody to listen to your problems with an objective ear. Neither of you will be judged nor will you have to worry about embarrassing yourself in front of people that you know. The fact that a stranger is listening to your communications and sex problems will make it much easier for you to be honest about your feelings.

The second wonderful thing about seeing a marital counselor is that the counselor has been specially trained to deal with any type of relationship problem. Unlike your friends and family who give subjective advice without any personal understanding of your situation, a marriage counselor knows exactly what you should do. As long as you can be objective and take your counselor's advice, you should be able to greatly improve your marital communications and your sex life.


Unlike other forms of psychological therapy, marriage counseling will not necessarily last a long time. Many couples begin to feel the difference in their relationship after their first session. Most couples do not need to attend more than a handful of sessions to feel like their relationship is as good as new.


If you and your partner have problems with sex or communication, marriage counseling could certainly help you out of your rut. The worst case scenario is that you'll be exactly where you were before you started. The best case scenario and the most common scenario is that your relationship will be better than it has ever been before. So if your relationship is on the rocks and you want to make it as good as it used to be, you just might need a helping hand and a marital counselor's hand is as helpful as it gets.

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